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Hola Amigo! Thanks for stopping by. We hope you and yours are staying well and sane. We are functioning remotely and trying to stay positive & productive and our clients are doing the same. Many of them have reached out directly and we’d like to share some well wishes and highlight their wonderful work as we all adjust to the new normal. We would welcome the opportunity to hop on the phone or a zoom hang to talk about our clients’ collective experience leveraging remote capabilities as well as creative solutions outside of live action production. Please lean on us if we can be of any assistance or answer any questions that come your way. Or if you just want to catch up on Tiger King, Ozark, or Ryan Heffington’s Sweatfest. We are up for a virtual coffee or margarita any day. Big love ❤️

Millie, Bryan, Ashley, Michaela & Burt

Greetings from Bullitt! In a time of unprecedented uncertainty, we need turnkey solutions for every type of production challenge – Bullitt can create advertising content without the need for traditional filming. Bullitt is a soup-to-nuts solution for agencies to complete projects under one roof with an exceptional roster of talent and a single point of contact. Our end-to-end workflow includes the following capabilities: stock and existing footage edits, user-generated content campaigns, editorial, VFX and finishing, animation, sound design and mix, live-action and virtual production all through delivery. Every phase of our capabilities has the option of being remotely conducted to ensure the safety of our partners, crews, and loved ones, while still allowing for productivity. We possess cutting edge talent at every step of the way to the highest levels of execution and pride ourselves on solving any type of content request. Bullitt is owned by The Russo Brothers and Justin Lin. By integrating all phases of content creation we can help find a complete solution that can address the changing landscape of our industry We’re here for you. We wish you health and safety and peace.
For more information contact Luke Ricci, President: 323.527.7910, Allison Amon: 213.500.2575, or Jenni Sprunger: 323.708.3777
To our extended Cartel Family: Due to heightened health concerns we would like to keep everyone in our community informed of our commitment to maintaining a safe working environment for our employees and guests.  Currently, Cartel is open for business and we are taking every precaution to ensure everyone’s safety by following all CDC and local, state and county guidelines. In the event we are forced to work remotely, Cartel is equipped to stream encrypted remote sessions to your home laptop, iPads, or phones. Additionally, we have contingency plans in place for all of our editors, assistants and producers to work from home. It’s our goal to be able to provide the same quality of service while also prioritizing the health and safety of our team. -Lauren, Alaina, and your friends at Cartel
While COVID-19 represents a huge challenge for the world’s content production industries, it has been heartening to see studios, organizations and individuals work together to minimize risks, protect colleagues and ensure business continuity during very difficult times. Robust contingency plans are fundamental to our approach. These are being scaled to meet the challenge, and we have global and local response teams working to implement these measures.  We are in the process of deploying our teams to be able to collaborate working from home and across our global network, providing us significant scale to be able to respond effectively. Please work with us as we endeavor to keep disruption to a minimum while safeguarding our colleagues and clients worldwide. Take care of yourselves and your families in this challenging time.  And remember that hand-washing is the single most effective action we can collectively take. James Razzall President of Advertising North America
First off, we want to send positive vibes to everyone during this unprecedented moment in time. Please be safe. During the COVID-19 virus pandemic, we’d like to update everyone on what Golden is capable of in a remote capacity. Our design, animation, editorial, and color teams are fully operational throughout this time. Our team works on a cloud-based platform which allows us to continue to deliver the highest level of finishing services remotely. Our network of designers, animators, editors, and colorists are fully equipped with home studios and remote link-up set ups to attend to any production demands. We are following all the guidelines and protocols and sound advice. We’d also like to take this moment to remind you of our amazing directorial talent, most of whom are based here in California. Give us a call or send us and email with any design, animation, editorial, or finishing needs. We are here to discuss any concerns you may have for current upcoming projects. We sincerely hop you are staying safe and healthy and sane. And remember — we are here for you! Stay Golden LA
Love, Matthew Marquis
Friends Electric offer a diverse mix of animation directors and animation studios, that work across all disciplines from 2D line animation, CG, mixed media and design. They have put together this great website which covers everything from their talent, to their process, to their animation solutions that also includes working with live action directors. Belinda & Kate x
We hope you, your family and friends all remain safe and healthy during these uncertain times. We are doing everything possible to minimize the risks to our staff and our clients while continuing to do what we do best. Over the years Human has built a robust virtual off-site operation which will enable us to provide the highest quality services from music production to audio post mix remotely without interruption. We encourage collaboration across video conferencing, phone and for many of you, our interactions will not be any different. We will continue to monitor and comply with New York City and Santa Monica guidelines. Still, Carol & Kami
LANDIA is the top Spanish-speaking production house. Headquartered in Buenos Aires, Madrid, Barcelona, Sao Paulo and Mexico DF. Talented people doing elegant executions. Fancy storytelling is core of all they do. We would like to highlight the work of Cinco, a multidisciplinary design studio that combines direction, graphic design, illustration, photography and art direction. We believe all disciplines can complement each other and make projects enrich themselves and that is a stamp that identifies us. We want that each project show the people who made it, we trust the idea that our jobs are imperfectly perfect. Human. Abrazos, Juan, Victoria, and Leda
We hope this finds you healthy and safe.  In the years we have worked together, we have always deeply appreciated the projects you’ve entrusted us with. While we’re staring down the unknown here, faced with the dual challenges of the pandemic and an economic downturn, we also know the creativity that sits in this industry can and will be a light for the world. Our intention is to start a conversation about where we go from here - with physical proximity limited and the tone and tenor of the world changed - what we can and already are doing to keep our corner of the world turning. Our goal is to help spark new and productive dialogue between you and your colleagues and clients, and look forward to working together again soon. We hope you find it illuminating and helpful, and are here to help with anything you need. We’re wishing you the very best. Love Kate, Ari, Brian & Natalie x
m ss ng p eces
We are living through an extraordinary time. Above all it’s important whilst we are all physically separated that we stay closer together than ever. Pulse Films wants to extend its unconditional support to all our partners. Anything we can do to help please don’t hesitate to reach out. We have an incredible team of people with an abundance of goodwill and time on our hands. Stay Safe and please don’t be a stranger. Reach out anytime for anything.
Our number one priority at Sanctuary is the health and safety of our staff, directors, crew, talent, agency and client and that priority takes precedence in all of the production decisions we must make during this time. We are also obviously limited by decrees/laws governing city, county, state and federal gatherings and/or movements especially in states that are under the shelter-in-place or safer-at-home mandates. There are a number of production scenarios that can still be successfully accomplished. Many of our directors have worked on small productions and have been able to do some fantastic work. Some of them own their own camera systems which is allowing them to be able to shoot projects very quickly and, if necessary, at their homes. A great case in point, Aaron Ruell has revived his unforgettable character Kipland Dynamite for some much needed comic relief during this lock down providing “Kips Tips” on Instagram. I’ll leave these with you and please reach out as we are interested and willing to support production in any way we can.
Cheers, Preston
Creativity never stops. Spreading hope and new ideas faster than any virus. While the world around us is changing by the minute, we are pushing through together (yet apart), embracing creative challenges and rewarding collaborations with our clients and partners.We are here as Siblings, colleagues, and co-creators, and our virtual doors are open with the full team of creative directors, art directors, strategists, writers, animators, VFX specialists, and producers — all to support your creative process and needs at this unprecedented time. We hope this message finds you well and staying strong. Together, safely from our homes, we push on and ever forward. We are here to help for all your creative needs, from branding and animation to film and digital content. Please feel free to reach out — we are here. Maggie & Shelby x
Sibling Rivalry and Sibling Films

Everything will be ok