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The new 'Hypnotized' video might leave you that way.

The new 'Hypnotized' video might leave you that way.

With enchanting yet elusive undertones and stunning imagery, Leo Aguirre's vision intertwines magically with the hopeful themes of River Tiber's song.

“During the lockdown Tommy (River Tiber) and I started discussing themes and got to talking about the lack of empathy that seemed to be at the surface of everything that was happening politically and socially. Because Tommy’s music is inhabited by these mystical and romantic undertones I really wanted to build a world that introduced a character that would in a way embody this hope; this elusive idea of love and hope that he is chasing. The resulting concept is a hyperbolized, but potentially not so distant, reality; one in which hyper-surveillance is inescapable and it has become easier to live in a state of sedation.” - Leo

Director + Editor: Leo Aguirre 
Production Co: Stink Films, Aguitainc, Habitant Producciones, Panorama

Film processed and scanned at Metropolis Post New York.

Everything will be ok